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Training for speed is integral to successful sports performance for many individuals and teams across a wide variety of sports. Speed training refers to the work carried out by athletes in addition to competing in their sport and includes the workouts and drills performed specifically to enhance speed and agility on the track, field or court.

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Proper nutrition for athletes is vital for performance. If you want to get more out of your sport it's important that you provide your body with the energy, nutrients and hydration it needs to maintain long periods of training and to perform optimally during competitions or games.


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Hi, I'm Liam, welcome to The Speed Project - your one stop site dedicated to providing you with information to help you increase your speed and agility for your sport. I am a sprint coach and also specialise in speed and conditioning training for athletes. I'm currently coaching with Sprint Atletismo National Performance Centre based in Leon, Spain. If you are an athlete, recreational or professional, and looking for information to increase your speed to improve your performance on the track, court or field, then you came to the right place!