By Coultman

Podcast Interview with Elite Olympic Coach Adrian Thomas

Listen to an interview with Adrian Thomas, a former sprinter and a successful coach in athletics. He talks about his experience, his coaching philosophy, and his tips for athletes and coaches on training, technique, nutrition, and more.

Olympic rings statue

I had the pleasure of speaking with Adrian Thomas, a highly experienced and well-respected coach in the world of athletics. Adrian is a past athlete himself having competed in both the 60m and 100m for his country.

He was the UK Events manager for the 400m and 4x400m and has also coached at all the major events (Olympics, World Champs, Europeans, Commonwealth).

During the interview, we speak about athlete training, sprinting technique, athletes nutrition and more. He also told me what it’s like to compete and coach at a major event, his coaching philosophy and the importance of HARD WORK! We also go into detail about the importance of athlete needs analysis.

So press play on the interview (whether you’re travelling, training, doing the dishes, whatever) and listen to me pick Adrian’s brain. He delivers some great content which will be highly valuable to both athletes and coaches.

Interview With Elite Track Coach Adrian Thomas – Part 1

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