Write For The Speed Project

Want to write for us? Here at The Speed Project I always want to share more information and stories with athletes and coaches. If you are an experienced trainer or coach, an expert in your sport,  professional or amateur athlete then I would love to hear from you! 

What Should You Write About?

Here is a list of some general subjects that I would be interested in, which you can write an in-depth post about something related or of interest for The Speed Project readers:

  • General News for Sports - Track and Field (Athletics)
  • Training and or Coaching Articles
  • Injuries 
  • Nutrition
  • Athlete/Coach Stories
  • Athlete/Coach Interviews
  • Training Gear

Articles can take many forms

  • How to's – How to train for..., how to perform a movement/exercise, how to increase speed...
  • An Experience –  A lesson, or lessons, coming from your own personal experience.
  • A Training Program – A write up on a program you love, have used and got awesome results on (Data and photos help!).
  • A Competition Write Up – Had a competition? How about a write up of the event through your eyes.
  • A meal Plan – Training/competition day meal plans
  • A recipe – Create something that tastes too good not to share? Then share it!


Original articles only: Articles must be written by you and totally original!  ALL submissions will be checked for breach of copyright.

Word limit: There is no word limit. 

Outbound links: I permit one to two dofollow links in the content.  The byline will be nofollow. Please also include at least 2 links to other resources. I will check all links to make sure they are appropriate and relevant. 

Images:If you use any images, please provide information of attribution to the original source. You must have permission to use any images that you submit. 

Internal links: Please include 3-8 internal links to other content on the site where it is relevant. Please find relevant posts by looking at the already published content.

Formatting: All submissions must be in .docx format.  I require all photos and all h2/h3/h4 tags be properly placed. 

​​​​How To Submit Your Articles

Submitting your work is easy! 

All you need to do is e-mail me directly and attach your ideas and your work in the form of a Google doc.

If I am interested in publishing it I will let you know and tell you when it is live. 

You can e-mail me here: liam@thespeedproject.com

Please bare in mind…

I reserve the right to say No; if I do not feel your submission is up to standard or relevant then I will not publish it. However, you will be told. You can always come back to later with a revised version to try again after I have provided feedback. 

Looking forward to hearing from you

Liam Coultman

~ Editor