Athlete Interviews: Ronea Saunders

Today our athlete interview is with high jumper Ronea Saunders! We spoke about her training program, how she prepares for a competition and what challenges shes faced during her career. 

Read the interview below, but first take a look at her in action!

NEC ITF Championships - Women's High Jump Champion Ronea Saunders

Women's High Jump Champion Ronea Saunders

Q: What is your Sport/Event?gram

A: High Jump

Q: How did you get involved in your sport?

A: Through High school athletics

Q: What's the best thing about being an athlete?

A: Meeting different people from all over the world

Q: Describe your weekly training routine

A: Essentially we train 6 days a week. Our mornings consist of practice at the track, then we head over to the weight room for lift, and lastly we finish up our day with recovery modalities ( therapy, cold/hot tub, etc.)

Q: What is your career high?

A: So far it has been competing at the U23 championships in BC, Canada.

Q: How do you prepare for a competition?

A: Before each competition I focus on my diet and therapy. I like to stay well rested but also maintain activity levels so that i am not lethargic for competitions. On meet day i get in my zone usually by listening to my favourite music while i warm up and that typically gets me excited to jump!

Q: What's the most difficult challenge you've had to overcome in your career?

A: Honestly it's the mentality of the sports itself. Each competition you're really competing against yourself to improve your past mark, and if you think too much or get into your own head then it's more difficult to perform.

Q: Which other athlete do you look up to the most and why?

A: Inika McPherson is my favourite female high jumper simply because she is one of the smaller jumpers and can still exceed and outjump her much taller competitors. That's motivational to me, who is still below average height wise for a high jumper.

Q: What's your favourite food to eat that may be best not to tell your coach?

A: Chocolate!!

Q: What's the strangest thing that's happened to you during training or at an event?

A: The strangest thing that's happened to me would have to be i got attacked by an entire swarm of bees during practice one day! Our track is alongside a golf course and one of the players must of hit a ball at a hive and they all came swarming down! Quickly i decided to lay on the ground and stay low while they all were surrounding me, luckily i escaped without a single sting!

Q: What one piece of advice would you offer to others starting out in athletics?

A: Do what you love and enjoy it while it lasts!