Diamond League Rome 2018: Sprints Event Roundup

Diamond league rome 2018

Baker Get’s the Better of Coleman Again! Here you can find all the latest action from the Diamond League Rome 2018 fixture. You can watch all of the sprinting action below.  Source: IAAF Men’s Results Men’s 100m 1 Ronnie Baker                                  […]

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Diamond League Eugene 2018: Sprint Events Roundup

diamond league eugene 2018

Catch all the latest action from the Diamond League Eugene 2018 fixture. You can watch all of the sprinting action below.  Source: IAAF Men’s Results Men’s 100m 1 Ronnie BAKER                                USA                    9.782 […]

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Shaunae Miller-Uibo Breaks World Record: Sprint Events Roundup

sprint athletes in competition

Roundup of all the sprint action from the Jamaica International Invitational, Seiko Golden Grand Prix Osaka and the Adidas Boost Boston Games There’s been a ton of sprinting action over the past week with some of sprintings elite hitting the track across the globe.  You’d be forgiven for saying that you weren’t able to keep up […]

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Diamond League Shanghai Sprint Events Roundup

Shanghai Diamond League 2018

On Saturday 12/05/18 the Diamond League was hosted in  a very wet Shanghai. However, the weather didn’t damper the event and the athletes put in some great performances. There were even a few shocks on the night.  Here’s my roundup of the sprint events including race results and a video from each race. Men’s Results […]

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Diamond League Doha Sprint Events Roundup

Diamond League Doha

On Friday 04/05/18 the Diamond League returned to kick off the 2018 season in Doha. Some big names turned up including Canada’s Andre de Grasse, who has recently returned from injury, and Jamaica’s double Olympic champion, Elaine Thompson.  If you missed the action live, here’s a recap of what happened in the sprint events. Results: […]

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Beer And Sex Won’t Cut It This Time

Should there be lifetime bans for cheating athletes? Erik van Leeuwen [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons So a few months have passed since the IAAF World Championships 100m final where pantomime villain Justin Gatlin stole the world crown from Usain Bolt. Gatlin was booed in London after winning gold for his previous bans from the […]

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Athlete Interviews: Ronea Saunders

Today our athlete interview is with high jumper Ronea Saunders! We spoke about her training program, how she prepares for a competition and what challenges shes faced during her career.  Read the interview below, but first take a look at her in action! NEC ITF Championships – Women’s High Jump Champion Ronea Saunders Women’s High […]

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Athlete Interviews: Naomi Sedney

Naomi Sedney

This weeks athlete interview is with Dutch sprinter Naomi Sedney. Naomi competes in the 100m and the 4x100m relay and has competed in the Olympics, World Championships and European Championships. She is also a European Champion, winning a gold medal as part of the 4x100m Dutch team in her home country. Dutch Winners 42.04 Women’s […]

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Athlete Interviews: Elin Westerlund

Elin Westerlund interview

We continue our athlete interviews with another passionate athlete and great competitor who has competed at some of the worlds biggest events. This week we interview Swedish National 100m hurdler Elin Westerlund. Read below as Elin takes time out of her schedule to answer our questions.  Elin Westerlund 8,20 – PB! – 60 mh (försök) […]

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Athlete Interviews: Ivet Lalova-Collio

Ivet Lalova interview

Ivet Lalova-Collio4 x Olympian2 x European Gold medallist 2 x European Silver medallist It’s an honour to have the incredible Ivet Lalova-Collio answer our questions for this edition of our latest athlete interviews. Ivet has fought it out amongst the world’s elite and is right up there with the best. To put it into perspective, […]

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